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Error reporting:
Make the db maintainer aware of discovered errors. Additional comment is optional.

StoMpd v0.1.0 rev126: The Bugfixed version

StoMpd is a platform independent MPD client designed for broadcast/webcast, offering a set of unique features.

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  • Software: Mpd audio server 0.17.0 or higher REQUIRED (please note version number), eyeD3 (for cover art, optional), command line mp3 player (for track preview, optional)
  • Operating System: StoMpd will run on any system with java6 runtime environment (jre/jdk) installed. (MacOS/Windows/Linux)
  • Licence: StoMpd is free software released under the GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3).

Next version (0.2.0):

  • "Sticker piles": User defined groups of stickers, displayed as playlists.
  • SuperPilot monitor: View details on Superpilot progress and current profile, with override options.
  • SuperPilot Supervisor: An additional layer of filters to the automatic selection of tracks.
  • GUI support of several mpd servers.
  • Integrated track database with the effect pads.

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